Monday, September 6, 2010

School, new website, updates!

Hey everyone!

So i haven't updated in a while :( I've been so busy with school and getting ready for school which starts tomorrow :( I have to say that I don't think I'm really going to enjoy it bc I have 2 teachers that I hate! Ones in math, btdubs he called a student stupid and dumb in front of the whole class..and he basically fails everyone. Like my friend Emily. Shes super smart shes like 1st or 2nd in my class and she failed one of his quizzes...I'm not very good at math anyway and now I have to worry about failing that class...the other class is Spanish. I had this same teacher for two years now! (this is my 2nd) and He is AWFUL! he doesn't teach and when he does it's for like 5 mins and then a student will take about something else and he will go on from there...great...

On the bright side! Alot of the bloggers and gurus on YouTube have talked about it and I finally got one! It's called Luuux and basicly you blog about things and get luuux bucks! When you get to a point when your getting $1000 worth of luuux$ you can get prizes and good prizes! Like cameras, LV bags, headphones, ipads and more!

Well that's it for right now! I'll try to take pics of my first day of school outfits tomorrow!!! :D