Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What A Weekend!!!

Hello loves,

Wow! What a weekend! I can't believe what I've gone through this weekend! I just competed in my state pageant and placed Top 15!! Which is amazing since this was my first pageant! (well technically it was my 2nd because I was in one when I was little but that was like 12 years ago...)
So first when I got there I checked in and got my official number #9! I really wanted 7, 8, or 17 but thats ok! Then I got to meet my room mate for the weekend! Her name is Tayla! She was super nice and I'm so happy I got to meet her and be her roommate! After we both got ready to go to go to this dance/desert which was kind of funny since some of the girls were on this diet that included baby food...yes...baby food! Crazy right! oooh and rice cakes...so when we were in rehearsals it smelt like that :
So! At the party I got to meet the reining Miss Teen and Miss! Who are amazing people! They were super nice!! Everyone all weekend said I looked like Brooke who was the Miss Teen which I took as an amazing compliment because she is beautiful! Even the photographer said when I smile it looks like hers! (Hi Jim and Lisa!! :D ) haha! So I took a picture with her then everyone was dancing, having a fun time meeting everyone! It was great! I've meet so many amazing girls over the weekend!
On the 2nd day we had breakfast in the morning and what was it but eggs! I hate eggs! I used to love them but i don't know...I just don't like them anymore..there was also muffins...no chocolate chips :/ which is the only one I liked so I had a blueberry one minus the blueberries haha! and I also had a strawberry banana yogurt but I didn't like that either so I didn't have much of it... after we eat we got ready to go to the place where the pageant was! That day was palimony which included interview and hours of rehearsals! We learned opening number and I was in the middle which I thought was awesome because I love being in the middle haha! It was to the song Halfway There by Big Time Rush! Which I love and no one really liked the song and I was like aw come on guys! :D So we had rehearsals for a little then we had interviews which I was kind of scared but excited about! My first judge was a middle school principal. He asked me two random questions...
"If you were to go talk to a group of 8th graders about bullying what would you say?"
and now me being the Anti Bully advocate I froze! I knew what I wanted to say all I had to do is say it right! Wrong! This was my response... "I would tell them to be their self and not someone who they want to be or wish to be." and something else I forget...but that has nothing to do with bullying! Well it does but not really! haha! then the next question went like this...
Judge : "Your in a school play of The Wizard of Oz what characters would you most want to play and why?"
Me : "Well...I would want to be Dorothy!"
Judge: "why because she's the main character?"
Me : "Well...ya (laughing/smiling) Or Gilda the good which!"
Judge: "Have you seen Wicked?!"
Me: almost saying yes! "No I havn't but I'm defiantly planning on seeing it soon!"
Judge: "Ooh you should it a great play!"
Me: "I know! I've heard!" Smile here smile there all smiles everywhere!
then the bell rang...2 mins 30 seconds later...
Judge: "ooh! Saved by the bell!"
Me : "No! I wanted to talk to you more!"
haha! and that was the first judge! The 2nd judge was sososososo sweet!! :D I went to give her a hand shake and her hand was light as a feather and I really didn't know if that was a test or not...but ya...haha! We talked about fashion! Then she asked me what my dress looked like and I couldn't describe it! I froze thinking of words to describe it as especially since I want to become a fashion designer you would think I would know right away! ya...no...Then I went to the 3rd judge and first thing she said "Your eyes are beautiful!" of course I said thank you! Then we talked about fashion some more and I went to the 4th judge! I kind of forget what we talked about but thats ok haha! After I went to the last judge! She was so sweet too! We talked about fashion again I'm pretty sure ahaha! I forget again what else we talked about... after interviews were over I was sad because I had so much to say in such a little time... :( oooh and every single judge asked my why I wanted to be in the pageant...I was like duh! I would love to make a difference in someones life! I want to make girls feel confident in themselves and not think she's some super star or the girl over there or next to her. I want them to feel like them. Ya..I said something like that ahah!
Well! After interviews and rehearsals we had to get ready for the actual pageant! I couldn't wait! I was ready! or at least I thought I was haha! First we did opening number, then bathing suit which I was the first in my group to go so when we were all going to line up I almost went off stage...hahah! I was like ooh wait! I'm supposed to be up here! But I saved it! Then it was evening gowns and my gown got stuck on my dress! I was ooh no!!! But I kept my composure and stayed poise! After the show was over I really thought I was done :( I messed up but what I didn't know is that all good people mess up!
On the next day I made it to top 15! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited! Even though I didn't win I was happy :)
I met so many wonderful people that weekend! It really was the best weekend of my life so far! Congrats to Kay who won Teen! She was the sweetest person! I was happy if I didn't win she did!
I want to thank everyone who has believed in my through my journey to the pageant, all my sponsors, family, and friends for all the support! I couldn't of done it without you!
Miss Teen 2012 watch out! Elizabeth is coming back! and better then before ;D




My dress! It's like my baby! haha! I love it!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweater Time already?


Hey everyone!
So I hope everyones week was great! Mine was ok. It went by so fast but slow! I can't believe theres only a week till the pageant! Time just flew by! So the other day I took some pictures ok my outfit because I love wearing sweaters! I think they are super comfy and perfect for fall/winter! I have like 10 of them...haha! Now normally I wouldn't edit theses picture as much as I did but I thought they looked cool like they do now but I think you can get the overall feel of the outfit! haha!












Love these /\ \/ picture!!!



Sweater- Hollister
Jeans-Charlotte Russe
Necklace- Juicy Couture
OK! Well I have to work on my History project :/
ps- I have decided that I'm going to blog everyday during the month of December! yey! Hope I can do it and not miss a day!
Ooh! and I'm learning how to kint! XD


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Style Will Save Us!

Hello my lovely bloggers!
So I'm trying out this whole flicker photo thing to see if my pictures will show up bigger! I hope it works!
I've been very busy still...with this whole Pageant thing making sure I have everything and know what I'm saying for interview and what not! I got a new dress! It was expensive! VERY expensive but it's well worth it! I'll put a picture up once I get it fitted and stuff :)
So the other day I got my hair cut! and when I get my hair cut I get it straightened! So this is prob the first time you guys are seeing me with straight hair! Cool huh!
Jean Jacket : American Eagle
White shirt : Forever 21
Red tank top : Hollister
Pants : Express
Gray shoes : Target

Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Pandora and Tiffany & Co.
Earrings : Vintage Pearl Earrings

This picture is blurry but it still looks kind of cool to me :)

fortune cookie

My friend's fortune cookie!

fortune cookie

My Fortune cookie!

FACT - I keep every fortune cookie I get! I've been doing this for about 4 years now I think :) I have a lot of them haha!
The fortune cookies are from my Volleyball banquet :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall is here!

Hello Loves! How are you?! I hope all is doing well!
So I haven't blogged in a while :/ I wanted to all this week but I didn't have any pictures to show you :/ I also wanted to edit these photos before I uploaded them :D
BTDUBBS! Can anyone help me with this question?
how do you make your pictures on here larger without having to adjust them?
If you know please tell me in the comments below!

Also I think I lost 2 followers :( I hope they just deleted their blogs and didn't just unfollow me cause it makes me sad..I put alot of time and effort like everyone else here! I'm trying to get people to come out and check out my blog!! So spread the word if you can!

Update on the pageant! I think I have to get a new dress :/ when I walk the bottom part of my dress doesn't cover my shoes...ugh...there goes another like $500...We spent so much money on this! I have to get a job just to pay some things off...so now I'm looking for a job :/ unfortuany....but on the bright side I can buy some new clothes and shoes and jewelry and stuff with the money I get! :D I'm really trying to expand my wardrobe! I'm reading Lauren Conrad's newest book Style and it's inspiring me to well...get clothes..haha!
So I hope you like my outfit!

-Tank top: American Eagle
-Cardigan : Aries
-Jeans : I'm pretty sure Charlotte Russe....
-Belt : part of my dress from JC Penny
-Necklace : Juicy Couture
Bracelet : Pandora
Ring: Forever21
Boots : Ralph Lauren

Ok! Well I'm going to read more of Lauren Conrad's book! :D