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Hey Dolls!!! I just wanted to let everyone know my new blogs name is ! It's still the same runwaywalker one but a different name! I wish I just changed the name of this one! I came so far! I didn't realize I could just change the name of this one :/ but it's alright! Im going to start messaging people that I moved my blog and stuff!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cheers to a new beginning!

Hey Dolls!!!
So Your prob wondering...New Beginning? Huh..?
Yes! That's right! I'm starting all over!
I dont know why I'm doing this but I feel like I need to!!
My new blog is
The name isn't so subjected like StyleItInHeels.
I felt like I needed to wear hears and couldn't show my makeup tips for you on this blog because of the name! But now I can!
The Runway Walker....
Fashion, Style, Beauty everything that goes into a fashion show basically! I also think it sounds a bit more professional but still kind of playfully teeny lol! You think?
I really hope you dolls understand why I changed my name! I also hope you help support me and follow my new blog! It really means the world to me!

Love you all!!!

Elizabeth Hope

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miss You!!!!

Hello Dolls!

I can't tell you how much I miss you dolls!!! I miss blogging! I miss getting into looking at blogs!
I started school today...
senior year....yikes!
It was ok...the day was half good and half bad. But what else am I supposed to do about that... :/
Well I'm so busy right now I hardly have time for myself :( I'm going to try to take pictures of my outfits after school but it's hard because A-my tripod is broken and B-I don't have anyone to take my pictures for me after school.
So I guess you can say I'm in a pickle :(
But! Have no fear this will only last a good 2 months and I'll be back! Hopefully! haha! After volleyball is over!
Reason why I'm not posting is mostly because I've had work almost everyday and we wear the same outfit everyday, but now that school has started and volleyball it's even more less time :/
Well I have to go to my summer reading because I didn't finish it over summer like I was supposed to do...

Talk to you dolls later!
I'll try to update you at least once a week!
Please don't unfollow! haha! I'm trying to reach 200!!!!

Elizabeth Hope
aka Lizz :P

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New York!!! Day 1!

ok! So this first picture! I'm pretty sure it's a statue is of the person who made the Eiffel Tower! I didn't have time to read the thing that said who they were haha!

Hey Dolls!

So here's some pictures from my trip the Big Apple!!! Aka New York! I was so excited!! It's amazing! I would defiantly consider going to collage there! I love it! :D So I'll tell you more about my trip as you see the pictures! And did I mention this was my 1st time ever to go!!! I was deff missing out haha!

Here's a full picture of the hotel I stayed at! The Worwick! It was amazing! (Pictures coming soon!)

Radio City Music Hall!! :D

NBC Studios! they film alot of night shows here, SNL!, the today show!

here's some random buildings...they.are.HUGE!

the M&M store!!!! Which I didn't get to go in :( I wanted to sooo bad!! I love M&M's!

More random buildings and t broadway musicals!

The Jonas Brother's hands!!! ♥ Love them still!

Statue of Liberty Tickets!

The Statue of Liberty herself! Thanks France for the gift! ;D

Me and Lib! I look aweful but whateves haha!

Little Italy! My Italian heritage! haha! Love this place!

Where we went to eat in Little Italy! It was kind of expensive but very good!!!

Another view of Little Italy!

Look out for Day 2 later on!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Look of the Day : 50s! pics and video!


Hello Dolls!

So for some reason this outfit reminds me of some housewife during the 50s! I think it has to do with the fact that my dress looks like an apron? Oh well! I love this dress!! I didn't think it was going to fit because there was only a small left but I was like "Well if it doesn't fit I can always return it!" But I fit! I'm so excited because I love this dress! Ok, I need to stop rambling haha! here's the pictures and a little video!
PS-sorry for the blury pictures :( My tripod broke! You should have seen how I was thinking pictures! All I can say it included tape, my what, like 5 pound camera, and a broken tripod.... not pretty....





Dress - Forever 21
Tank Top - Abercrombie & Fitch
Forever 21 - Necklace & Earrings
Shoes - Bandolino


Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo Booth "Put Your Paws Up!"







Hey Dolls! So I was board today so I decided to do a Flash Series like the StyleScrapbook did! But I'm naming mine Photo Booth! I figured because I have my hair straightened and this is prob the only time in a while that it would look like this that I'd take pictures! Hope you like! I feel like my eyes really pop with this hair color! lol! I get it highlighted and tinted a carmel color. I like the lighter color for spring and summer! Well that's really it! My tripod is broken so I can't take pictures of my outfits and I just painted my closet where I take most of my pictures but it's all dry now! So more fashion posts soon! Thank you so much for waiting! Love you all!