Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve!


Hello Loves!!

Well I did it! I blogged everyday of my life for the month of December! I didn't think I would be able to do it but I did! I can't believe it's already the end of the year! New Years Eve to be exact! haha! 2010 was a good year for me! I did so many things that I'm so happy I did!
-made my YouTube channel!
-Turned 16!
-Made my blog
-Started driving!
-Went to Florida with my family and my little cousins!
-Did the pageant! Amazing experience!
-Discovered I want to do something in the fashion industry and/or video editing haha!
and so many more memories!

For 2011 I would love to accomplish so many more things! LIKE...
-Blog everyday of my life! (I will try! If I can't blog for some reason it will be a very good reason lol!)
-Do the pageant again!!! (and hopefully (no will) win!)
-Do more comunity service for school and pageant!
-Figure out where I want to go for collage!
-Get a new camera!!! I'm like $400 odd dollars away!!
-Get 3,000 subscribers for my YouTube Channel!
-Get 2,000 followers for my blog!
-Go to New York!
-Read more!
-Walk in Heels more!! haha!
-LEARN FRENCH! :D just for fun!
-expand my makeup and fashion collection! (fashion meaning designer brands)
-write a book! :D
and so much more!

I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring to me! I know one thing...lots of $$$$ so I deff need a job! haha!
Well I wish everyone a happy and safe new years! Hope everyones wishes come true!
and remember...
Don't watch for the stars, Reach for them - Elizabeth Hope



Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Makeup Tutorial!

Hello Loves!

Today I had my 2nd to last driving lesson! One more tomorrow and I'll be able to get my license!! I finally uploaded my New Years makeup tutorial! check it out! Tomorrow I'm going over my friend's Mikaylas house for a new years party! We are going to do a Yankee swap with should be interesting bc we are getting gag gifts under $10 haha! Hope I don't get something weird...haha! Well I'm going to go off and read now! I'll write you tomorrow!!


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day of Filming!

Hello Loves!

Today I filmed a music video for my YouTube channel HelloItsLizz! It's to King of Anything by Sara Bareilles! I love this song! Ever since it came out I've been hocked to it! I downloaded a trial version of Sony Vegas 10 which I'm super excited about because I love that editing software but it's like $ I can really only get the trial versions every time haha! One day I'm going to get a MacBook so I'll have that software which is way better then windows movie maker! I can't wait! After I save up for my camera I'm going to buy that! But first I need a job...idk where I want to work but I need a job like now...I want so many things but I have no money for them! haha! I'm going job hunting soon! haha! Well I'm going to read some and go off to bed now! Can you believe that New Years is in 2 days!! :O I can't even believe it!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beauty Time!!

Hello Loves!

So I've been busy all day with editing some makeup tutorials and driving school. This morning I had to drive for 2 hour....I only have 2 lessons till I can get my license though which is cool! I also have a beauty YouTube channel MissUniversalBeauty I'm almost at 300 subscribers! Im so excited! If you have a YouTube lets do a Sub for a Sub! I love supporting others! So thats really it! I'm going to film a music video for my other channel HelloItsLizz tomorrow and I'm trying to choose a song! Any surgestions?! Leave them in the comments! I need ideas!
Ok well heres the video from the other day! I hope you like! I will have another one tomorrow as well!

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Monday, December 27, 2010



Hello Loves!!!

Snow is the word of the day! SNOW SNOW SNOW! 17 inches of it a matter of fact! I haven't gone outside for legit 3 day or something! I finally went outside and I was an ice cube! It's so cold outside! (why yes it is Elizabeth it's snowing outfit and 10 degrees haha) I took some pictures outside finally(again...) My figures where cold after this but it was worth it! :)
Stay Warm!!!

















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Sunday, December 26, 2010

1 more till 60!!

Hello Loves!!
1 more follower till I hit 60!!!! I'm so excited!! Who will be the lucky 60th follower?! ;D

Today wasn't a very good day for me :( I didn't sleep till 2 o'clock in the morning and I have a cold...ugh...I hate being sick in the winter :/ But I'm resting and feeling alot more better now! Sorry I haven't posted an outfit post in a while..I've been in my PJ's all week to be completely honest! haha!

It's been snowing all day today! It's now snowing even more then this morning! Blizzard warnings are in tacked and I don't know if the power is going to go off! Which it can any minute so I have to make this blog post quick so I have time!

I Hope everyones day went well!
I gotta go!
PS I'm writing a book! I've tried so many times to write a book and keep it going but I have a really good idea and I'm going to go with it! I love to write (and talk haha) so I'm going to be reading and writing alot now! Ooh and it's about fashion! Something I love you know so it keeps me going! haha! :D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!


Hello Loves!!!
What a wonderful Christmas! minus the sickness haha! I'm feeling better though! That's good!
So I woke up to presents under the Christmas tree and my whole family was up! I couldn't believe it! I was the last one to wake up! I'm usually the first! I'm so thankful for my family! They are the best! I love them so much!
I got everything I wanted for Christmas! I'm so excited to use everything! haha! I asked for alot of clothes this year. esp sweatshirts and sweatpants! I love how comfy they are! I also asked for a couple f books to read over the new year as well! I finally got the Teen Vogue handbook which I'm so excited to get! I've been wanting that since the beginning of the year! I got some makeup, jewerly, and bag that I've been wanting too! I also got the iPod nano since my iPhone is messed up and will erase everything that I have on it :( but I'm so happy to get it so I can take it to the gym! ok well here are a few pictures from today! Hope you like!!


Smile Pancakes!



^ya thats butter! haha! My nana got me and mom this pancake smile thing! Cool huh!

^two words...William Rast! enough said.. (its the WR for Target but still!)

Mulberry for Target bag and Forever 21 boots!
3 new Pandora Charms! Finally! Thank you Nana and Grampie! :D I got the crown one which is now no longer sold bc it got retired bc of the Pageant!
Rachel Zoe + Gossip Girl = Love!
Makeup cabortal thing! My everyday makeup haha!
Ooh! I also got Marc Jacobs Lola perfume! Smells sososoososo good!!!
Hello Kitty booties! ♥

dailybooth pic
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!!!

Hello Loves!

Today is Christmas Eve and at this moment I am sitting on the couch opening Christmas presents with my family! :) My little cousins got me a crayon perfume and tennis ball headband from there shopping at school! and they also gave me a $25 Best buy gift card which I'll be putting towards my camera! :D also a little bath and body works lotion in moonlight path! :)

I learned how to do the bird origami from my spanish teacher haha! Cool huh! I never knew how to do theses till now!
Well I'm going to go enjoy my family now! haha! Talk to you loves soon!

Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Vaca Finally Here!!!

Hello Loves,

I'm finally on Christmas vacation! I'm so happy! But on the other hand I am getting sick :( My throat is sore, very sore. I hope I don't have strep throat :( It's just really dry, and it's hard to swallow sometimes and then I swallow air bubbles which isn't fun...I hate being sick...I'm not going to be able to sleep now...ugh...well anyway, Christmas Eve is tomorrow!! My town holds a little Christmas Eve party at the town hall where Santa comes to our town but I don't think I'm going to go. It's so cold outside! I feel like when I was little it was way less colder then it is now...I wish I lived somewhere where it doesn't snow! At all! I wouldn't mind not having snow. I only like looking at it everything else can just go away! Ok, well this was a late night blog post. I'm going to try to get rid of this throat thing while I can! I hate this so much! Wish me health beauties!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cookies!


Virtual Cookies for every new follower and followers!!! ♥

Hello Loveies!!!!

So today after school my little cousins came over and we decorated Christmas cookies! It was so much fun! I love my little cousins! They are like my little sisters! I see them all the time and well we act just like sisters. haha! Here are a few pictures from today! Hope you like!

Così oggi, dopo la scuola i miei cuginetti si avvicinò e abbiamo decorato i biscotti di Natale! E 'stato così divertente! Io amo i miei cugini poco! Sono come le mie sorelline! Io li vedo tutto il tempo e così ci comportiamo proprio come sorelle. haha! Qui ci sono alcune foto da oggi! Spero vi piaccia!