Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miss You!!!!

Hello Dolls!

I can't tell you how much I miss you dolls!!! I miss blogging! I miss getting into looking at blogs!
I started school today...
senior year....yikes!
It was ok...the day was half good and half bad. But what else am I supposed to do about that... :/
Well I'm so busy right now I hardly have time for myself :( I'm going to try to take pictures of my outfits after school but it's hard because A-my tripod is broken and B-I don't have anyone to take my pictures for me after school.
So I guess you can say I'm in a pickle :(
But! Have no fear this will only last a good 2 months and I'll be back! Hopefully! haha! After volleyball is over!
Reason why I'm not posting is mostly because I've had work almost everyday and we wear the same outfit everyday, but now that school has started and volleyball it's even more less time :/
Well I have to go to my summer reading because I didn't finish it over summer like I was supposed to do...

Talk to you dolls later!
I'll try to update you at least once a week!
Please don't unfollow! haha! I'm trying to reach 200!!!!

Elizabeth Hope
aka Lizz :P

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  1. yay im glad ur back!!! Im a senior too this year(:
    your style is soo cute
    come check out my beauty/fashion blog


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