Friday, June 10, 2011

Styleing a Plain what T-Shirt!

Hello Loves!

So in my latest video for my StyleItInHeels channel I show you how I like to style a plain white t shirt! I wanted to take some time and tell you each outfit and what not! Now, I don't have the pictures so your just going to have to watch it yourself! lol!

My White T-Shirt is from Forever21! and I believe it was $3.80 or $4.80! Steal! :D Love the low prices!

Outfit #1
Jean Jacket - American Eagle
Dress - American Living
Flip Flops - Old Navy
Sunglass - Forever 21
Necklace and Bracelet - Forever 21

Outfit #2
Skirt - Unknown, sorry...
Necklace - Forever 21
Bracelet - From a Fashion show
Shoes - Italian, sorry don't know the name again..
Sunglasses - Forever 21

Outfit #3
Green Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - Coach
Belt - Forever 21

Outfit #4
Scarf - New York & Co.
Belt - Hollister
Jeans - Pac Sun
Cuff - Vintage From my Nana
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Wedges - Preview International
Earrings - EleventhGorgeous

Ok so that is it! I really Hope you lovies love this idea!! Can't wait to film some more!
Well I'll talk to you loves tomorrow or well soon!


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  1. I love plain white tees!! They always look amazing and are eternally stylish!! I wish we had Forever 21 in the UK, although we have Primark which I guess is quite similar... I have just started a style blog, follow each other?? xx


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