Monday, August 1, 2011

August Wish List!

Hey Dolls!
So I've been online window shopping alot lately. I love's pretty bad...but also totally amazing! haha! So here are a few things I've been eyeing online! Tell me what you think! Do you like anything I picked out?! Have you been online shopping lately? If so what stores are you looking at!!

Fringed Poncho - Anthropologie $188
OMG! I know what your thinking...a PONCHO! That's so like 2004 or something! haha! I remember wearing a poncho at my 4th grade friday night dance! it was pink! I have no clue where it was from...prob limited too or something like that haha! I saw this poncho and I was like...I want it!...I need it! But it's $188...ugh. I'm saving up for so many things right now..if i wasn't then i'd deff save up for this but...

P.S. - I Made This By Erica Domesek

I've been eyeing this book for months now!!! I really want to buy it and try out some of these DIY's!!! :D

Sparkle & Fade Maxi Pleated Chiffon Skirt $59

Love this skirt sososo much!!! I really want a pleated chiffon skirt! I see so many bloggers that have a skirt like this and they look amazing!!!

Double Case Leather Watch - Urban Outfitters - $34
Once I saw this watch I was like "I gotta have it!" It's adorable! I love it!


  1. I love the watch! I want it now. (: I've been following the author of PS I Made This for about a year now on her Tumblr. It has DIYs on it that are pretty cool. It's . I want to buy the book too! xoxo


  2. P.S. I made this is such a great site! And another fantastic one for DIY is Love that one.

  3. love the pleated skirt! i have a red one.. but i'm still on the hunt for a more romantic looking one--maybe in coral or cream or a pretty mint color

  4. definitely go for the maxi!

    xo Ashleigh

  5. love that watch! i think i need to have it too ahh is darling!

  6. love the pleated skirt!!
    I have a pleated shirt and i love it :)


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