Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hello there!

So today was a good day other then me legitly falling asleep! haha! I almost fell asleep in my 2nd block class and 3rd...and 4th...then I had lunch and I was better haha! I couldn't help it! I've been staying up till like 11:45 each night and it's so annoying! It's only bc I'm on LUUUX all the time! I'm 10 away from 2000 luuux$ right now and i'm trying to get 29,883 for the Canon camera!!! I can't wait! It's going to take me a while to get to but it will be so worth it!!! :D or at least I hope :)

Well all the week was my schools homecoming week! We had themes for each day! Monday was Hawaiian day, Tuesday was Pajama day, Wednesday was flashback day, Thursday was pro sports day, and Friday is White and Red day! For the flashback day I dressed up like I was from the 80s into 90s with a tutu like shirt from forever, neon pink shirt from Victoria secret, a jean jacket from Charlotte Russe, dark purple leggings from American Eagle, pink socks that say love on them from American Eagle, and my black graffiti like coach "converse" like shoes! I got a couple of looks here and there and a couple of omg lizz you look so cute! Idk if they really meant it or not but I'm deff school spirited! except I didn't do pro sports day only bc I couldn't find one of my shirts haha!

Ok! Well I'm going to go and finish my homework and I have to find 3 images for art class! yey!

Lizz :)

Ohh! and one more thing! I got a flicker to put my photography pictures on! It was the only thing I could do to have my pictures all organized I guess :) check it out?! click here!

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  1. good luck girl :)
    and have a great time at the homecoming :) ;)

    happy sunday xx


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