Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hey my lovely bloggers!

So I have some down time before getting to math homework so I decided to write a blog post!
Today I had 3 tests...back to back...but I think I will do good on them so I'm crossing my figures! One was in English, Spanish, and History which are kind of easy but hard...like Spanish...I have no clue what the heck I'm doing in that class but that's bc I have a crappy teacher who I think only cares about his new software he's making...he says it's going to be bigger then the Muffy thing that teaches you Spanish...ya right haha! He wish...ooh well! Everyone can wish alittle right!

I was also looking at some Chanel pictures and this one! Aren't they so cute! They are purses for your ankles on your heels! Other then the purses they heels are amazingly cute too!! Love them all! I wish I had a pair each!

Picture was found here!

Also I've been thinking alot about collages and stuff! I decided that I want to be a fashion designer/stylist/work at a magazine like Teen Vogue or Seventeen or Elle or Vogue! haha! My dream! But if anything I want to work at a magazine as a stylist! I've been really into the fashion industry lately too! My friend on YouTube went to the Teen Vogue fashion university which was held in New York! I really want to go to New York one day! just to see the people and what they are wearing! and the sight of New York I guess! One day! Hopefully for IMATS in April!

Well that was just a little post on whats been up I guess haha!

Hope everyone is having a great so far!



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