Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall is here!

Hello Loves! How are you?! I hope all is doing well!
So I haven't blogged in a while :/ I wanted to all this week but I didn't have any pictures to show you :/ I also wanted to edit these photos before I uploaded them :D
BTDUBBS! Can anyone help me with this question?
how do you make your pictures on here larger without having to adjust them?
If you know please tell me in the comments below!

Also I think I lost 2 followers :( I hope they just deleted their blogs and didn't just unfollow me cause it makes me sad..I put alot of time and effort like everyone else here! I'm trying to get people to come out and check out my blog!! So spread the word if you can!

Update on the pageant! I think I have to get a new dress :/ when I walk the bottom part of my dress doesn't cover my shoes...ugh...there goes another like $500...We spent so much money on this! I have to get a job just to pay some things now I'm looking for a job :/ unfortuany....but on the bright side I can buy some new clothes and shoes and jewelry and stuff with the money I get! :D I'm really trying to expand my wardrobe! I'm reading Lauren Conrad's newest book Style and it's inspiring me to well...get clothes..haha!
So I hope you like my outfit!

-Tank top: American Eagle
-Cardigan : Aries
-Jeans : I'm pretty sure Charlotte Russe....
-Belt : part of my dress from JC Penny
-Necklace : Juicy Couture
Bracelet : Pandora
Ring: Forever21
Boots : Ralph Lauren

Ok! Well I'm going to read more of Lauren Conrad's book! :D


  1. I like your boots! And the outfit is lovely. I like it with the belt better.

  2. love your boots !!

    RE : i dont upload my photos onto blogger.. i upload them to flickr and get the links from there.. and the pictures are automatically big.. i think u can set the picture size on blogger too.. but im not quite sure how..


    glisters and blisters

  3. love the belt and boots
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE


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