Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last day of being Sweet old Sixteen!

Hello Loves!

So this was my last day of being 16!!! Well technically tomorrow till 11:30 haha! I had SATs in the morning then I got ready for my birthday party and went to go see Prom with Paige, Emily, Amanda and Amanda(yes 2 amanda's haha!) I love hanging out with my friends! We always have so much fun! :D The movie was amazing!! Well it was really good for a Disney movie I guess you can say! I really want my Prom to be like theres!! The decorations at least!
I got my new purse!!! If you Follow Me On Twitter then you would know what I got but I'm not telling right now! I'll show you lovies later! I've had so many amazing memories being 16! Sweet 16! Boy oh boy...haha! I feel so old right now! Like I'm going to be 17! Crazy! When I was little I never really knew what or how I'd feel being 16 not to mention 17!

Being 16 memories!
  • getting my license!
  • Going to Florida with my family! + my little cousins! Love them!
  • the Pageant!
  • Volleyball!!
  • Youtube!!! I started when I was 15 but I celebrated my Sweet 16 when I was on YouTube!
  • MY BLOG!
  • spending time with my friends and family!
  • and so much more!!!
I can't wait to see what being 17 will bring me!! :D I'm guessing...a job, a new car, lots of laughter, and the iPhone 5 in my hand haha! ;D

Well I guess I have to say Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You so much for Following me throughout my year! Supporting me whether on YouTube, twitter, my blog and any other websites I'm on haha!



  1. Thanks for commenting. I'm following you back. Lovely picture. <3

  2. Thanks! Hope you got a nice birthday tomorrow!

  3. Have a great day tomorrow :)



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