Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not to happy right now...

Hello everyone!

Ok so once again my laptop broke! I can't believe this! (ps im on my desktop computer not my laptop which wont let me upload anything :/) sooo I'm forced to watch my YouTube videos and read blogs on here. First theres something wrong with the sizing of the screen so it makes things bigger then needed. 2nd the stupid mouse goes wacko on me! and 3rd i really want an iMac :(

Legit I live at BestBuy...they know my name and everything..It's aweful

I can't believe that it's already starts in a month say whaaaaa! Ugh...i wish there was a school out there for all of us bloggers/Beauty gurus then things would be great! I'm really starting to hate my school. Idk why I just really do... I guess I just don't belong in a school like that. I need a school where they only teach makeup and sewing clothes, and fashion and what not! Now that would be a school :D

Since I was hacked I am now trying to get back all me subscribers which is hard work! I really wished someone would just give me a shout-out so all my subs would know i was here still. You know just helping people out! I don't see whats so wrong with people asking for shout-outs either. All you have to say is your name and boom! shout-out! It's nice giving back to people so very very soon I'll have a shout-out video. There really is so many people I want to thank for supporting me :)

Ooh! and I got 2 new pairs of High Heels :D I love them! They are for my runway workshop coming up soon and I couldn't be more excited for that! I love walking the runway! haha!

Well now I have to go pick up my little cousin Ben from his summer school camp thing.

Also go check out my friend Morgans Blog! She had a blog then deleted it but now she's back!

So I guess I'll write to you later!



  1. cheer up hun:)
    hope everything is ok :)

  2. thanks for your comment..
    In the dogs photos, I don't own the photos. It's my friend's and she used an iphone.
    In my other photos (my own photos) I usually use Nikon D40x.. It's an old camera xp
    good luck with the runway! cheerss..:)

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  3. cheer up babe !!
    i hope things will be alright soon :)

    thanks for the blog birthday wish :)


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