Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog sale questions! please check it out to see if you can answer!

Hello loves!

so I have a couple of things I want to get rid of and I was thinking about having a blog sale! Now If i do have a blog sale how would I go about that? Ovs I would put pictures up of everything and the prices but how would I get the money? lol! A money order? If anyone's had a blog sale before how did you get the money from the person buying it?

other then that I've been just doing homework :/ I kind of have a lot today but it's ok I'm getting it done! and America's Next Top Model is on tonight!! and American Idol!! yey! Here are a few Polyvore sets I've creative over the past week or two!



  1. I have just found your blog, and i have literally fell in love with it! your posts are so unique and quirky, and are so interseting tolook out. your blog is so beautiful and colourful and lively! probably one of the best blogs i have ever actually seen. you deserve every award, follower and comment!
    i am defo following you!:p
    follow back if you wish?...

  2. Love the Miley one and really love the last one, so cute!


  3. I like the post!!

  4. DO IT! Do the blog sale! ;) I just found your blog from your YouTube....lovessss itttt! And uh DUH...use PayPal. lol

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