Monday, March 7, 2011

Boy I have missed you loves!!!

Hello Loves!!!

Sooooooooooooo....long time no see! Right! Well kind of haha! I am so upset that I haven't been blogging everyday :( But lately I have been confused on what I want to be in life! A fashion design? Stylist? A Director? A movie editor? Working at a magazine? It's all to confusing for me right now :( Way do I have to be such an ambitious person!!! Darn!! Well I know I'm not going to be back fully until theres warm weather outside because all my outfits include sweatshirts, jeans, and sweatpants! Really boring I know! All because of the stupid winter! haha!

Well I have made a wish list but no brand names...just a few things I want to buy for this season!
  • Wedges! I've seen so many wedges! I'm deff going to make them come back!
  • Floral dresses! I know...floral dresses in spring/summer how original...haha! But I do love them!
  • Prada sunglasses! this is prob the only brand name i'll mention right now! But I did see an amazing pair of Prada sunglasses that I really really want! Only prob is they are $290...and my mom is like "yeah...$300 and you'll break them or lose" and I'm like "Mom! It's for the Love of Fashion!!" haha!
  • Small bags! Like over the shoulder bags! I'm not going to name drop but I did see a cute one from a designer with the initials M.J. ;D
Ok well thats my little Spring Wish List!
here's a Polyvore Post! I love Pastels!

I hope you loves are doing great!!
Oh and for everyone who is subscribed to me Thank You!!! I just reached 851!! Amazing!

Elizabeth Hope


  1. omg LOVE the pink shoes!


    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog
    i have a new outfit of today post.

    xo model from holland
    everyday a new post

  2. Looove those heels!


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