Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Holla!!!

Hello Loves!!
Wow! What a day!
The Royal Wedding was today as you may know! I watched from 5:45 to 6:30 lol! I got up early today aka 5:45 (I usually wake up at 6) just to watch it! I live on the east coast of the United States so yaa...the wedding started at 4 my time..haha! Very early! I know!! But soooo worth it!!! I got to see the Queen come in with her yellow outfit! What a chic little thing! Then Kate or as I may put it now Princess Catherine came! OMG! Thats all i have to say!!
I loveeeeeeee her dress sososososoo much! I want it! haha! I have to have it! She looked beautiful! then William came, well before kate but i didn't see him till she came down the ail. He looked her handsome! What a cute couple! I'm so happy everything went smoothly and nothing drama rama happened! It was a very historical day so I dressed up a bit! Look forward for a fashion post soon! haha! Sorry i haven't had one for a while :/ I've been very busy with tennis and school...9 days till my birthday!!!! May 8th! Mothers Day! and 1 day after TheBlondeSalad's birthday! Cool huh! haha! Well I need some sleep! Goodnight lovies!!
ps these pictures aren't mine..I got them from different websites. just google Royal Wedding William and Kate and I'm sure you can find them :) No copyright intended please!

^awww look at the little kids! So cute! and I want Kate's sister dress!!!



  1. It was lovely to watch the wedding and as a Brit I felt very patriotic. Her dress was gorgeous as was her Sister's and the little bridesmaids and page boys.

  2. this wedding was just amazing !
    & I love her dress so much <33



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