Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey everyone!

So I'm getting excited because I'm going to get my camera fixed! Or at least I hope so! Although I really just want to sell it and get a new one because I really want to get one with a lens so I can do cool effects!

Has anyone else watched Pretty Little Liars?! I'm obsessed with this show right now!! I haven't read the series and I don't think I want to now because it wouldn't be worth it but the show is amazing!!!

What else is going on in my life....reading.. :^/ ugh! I hate summer reading so much! They give us no good books that no one would ever think of reading for fun! If they really want us to like reading they should pick out books that we actually want to read!

Well now I have to go read the stupid summer reading book :(

Xo Xo


  1. I watch Pretty Little Liars, too! It's so addicting! And good luck with the reading, hopefully it won't be too bad!

  2. I'm going to watch Pretty Little Liars too!! :)
    .a little princess.

  3. yaaaayyyyy !
    i havent watched pretty little liars at all :(

  4. just saying: welcome to the blogosphere. hope you get your camera fixed!


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