Monday, July 12, 2010

Got it fixed!

Hey everyone!!

yey! I got my laptop fixed! Finally!!! Can you believe all it was was to press F2...I couldn't believe it...and my camera is still in surgery ;) lol! And I also got an external hard drive so I will have more room in my laptop! Good day today :D

I never really noticed but I'm a handy girl! haha! I put together my how new entertainment table thing the other day since I was bord out of my mind! Put the whole thing together in about 2 hours! My mom was happy to get our other big huge one out and get something smaller.

I really don't know what to say but I haven't had Internet access(except for my iPhone) for 3 days so I got some reading done, studied for my driver test, and spent time with the fam.

My tutorial is finally uploading so it should be up soon! remember the one from the last post lol! maybe I'll put the video in this post once it's up so you wont have to click the link if you don't want to.

Write to you soon!
Xo Xo

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  1. yay! i know that i feel weird when my computer's not working. :)


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