Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Year Starts Now...

Hey everyone! My name is Lizz.

Well where should I start off...

Welcome to my world of fashion!

I finally sat down on this fine summer day and started this blog up! I am naming it StyleItInHeels because well I love heels :) Although I don't always get to wear heels everyday (mostly because I live in a place where heels are like "what are you wearing.." and also because I am 5'8 1/2'' and it would just height) Although I don't mind the height thing just because I love being tall.

My dream in life is to be a famous fashion designer/model/actress. (yes, I know i have high ambitions) But right now I just want to jump start my collection of makeup, shoes, and well basically clothes.

My goals for this blog is post at least everyday! If i can't for some reason then at least 3 times during the week. I am saving now for a new camera for mine has broken...or at least I think it wont turn on :( very sad I know.) So I've been very very bord because I can not take pictures and all... I'm thinking of getting a Nikon D3000? Have any requests for a SLR camera that isn't over $600?

Well I'm going to wrap up this little post with a Happy 4th of July!! I'll try to take a pic of what I'm wearing with my no good camera :/

Xo Xo

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