Monday, July 5, 2010

A day of pictures!

Hey everyone!

So no pics today bc I am still editing them out. But today was so hard to get good lighting! The sun was out all day and I think i got one look that wasn't in the sun :( . Ooh and did I mention I'm entering the Teen Vogue Wardrobe Re-Mix contest on Chictopia! I got a chictopia the other day and I'm loving it!!

If you don't have a chictopia (<--click the name for mine!) I can refer you! My code is STYLEITINHEELS555 !

Basically you need 3 outfits all different but 1 thing has to be the same in all outfits! I choose my forever 21 shirt that says "Style Will Save Us" I love it!

After I took all the pictures my little cousins came over and we played Animal Crossing. hahah! yes, the video game for your DS. My little cousin is obsessed with it and she makes me play with her since I have the game. I've had this game for so long now! I used to play it everyday then I would stop for like a week and play it again. I was a weird little kid sometimes lol!

But ya, this is just a quick blog post of my day! Hopefully the pics will go up tomorrow!

Xo Xo


  1. looking forward to your photos!!! i just joined that contest in chictopia too! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. thanks for ur sweet comments :)
    cant wait for the pictures u editted :)


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