Monday, December 20, 2010




Hello Loves!

So it's finally snowing...oh joy...
You know I really hate the snow right?
I should not live in the a place where it snows...I really hate the cold, people getting sick, and shoveling! Hate it!! haha! But it's what ever... :/ I can't control mother nature!
The only time I like snow is when it snows ALOT like 3 feet alot! haha! When there is no school! But that means we have to go to school an extra day in!
Well I've been having these awful headaches lately which are killing my head and making me stressed! I have 4 classes tomorrow (long block day) and in 3 of them I have tests! Spanish(which I'm going to fail as long as the rest of my class!), English(which should be easy) and Physic(which I'm also going to fail and so will the rest of my class bc no one pays attention!) Ooh well...I have to get studying again :/ TTYL!


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  1. Its been snowing so much in Ireland, really horrible, cant get anywhere and my flight home was cancelled and delayed and all that! Cant wait for summer!! x


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