Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello Lovies!!!!

I'm so excited to say to say that I just reached 50 followers! This just made my day! 12 days before Christmas too! Thank you everyone who is following me on my blog! Thank you for the support! Love you all!!

So I posted a couple of Polyvore sets yesterday! I hope you like!!!

New Group!!!
^^^^^ My new polyvore group! It's just going to be a big list of blog names for everyone to check out other peoples blogs and what not! Hope you join if you have a polyvore!!

Pink is the word!
^^^^ contest set!

Christmas Wishlist!!!
^^^^Wish list contest set! If I win I will get everything in this set! I'm so excited! I hope i win! But it's 1 in a million :/ but don't stop believing!!

love for CC
^^^Coco Chanel!

Catwalk to the Sidewalk with Maybelline New York
^^^^Inspiration set! Love this!
Hope you like these sets!!! Some aren't mine if they are they say Styleitinheels at the bottom of the pictures! haha!


  1. Congrats on the followers! You have one more :) I love your polyvore finds!

  2. congratulations :) im one of them! :D XXXX ♥

  3. Congrats! :) I love the second photo with hello kitty so pink :) but then again black is sexy and can be wear in any occasion. :)

    regarding your question: you can use HTML codes CLICK HERE

    try it! :) have a great day!

  4. congrats on 50 followers! I love that third polyvore set.

    in her stilettos-an austin fashion blog

  5. hey, you're up to 52 now! congrats. cute post x hivennn.

  6. Yay CONGRATS :)
    Of course I love the PINK set most.

  7. Congrats & thanks for commenting back! :)

    I'm a polyvore addict!

  8. They're great! Gotta love Polyvore :)

    Great blog too! Congrats on the followers ;)

  9. Congrats your really deserve it! Lol i have no followers but thats ok cause i just do it for fun, also LOVE your christmas wishlist :)


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