Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day of Filming!

Hello Loves!

Today I filmed a music video for my YouTube channel HelloItsLizz! It's to King of Anything by Sara Bareilles! I love this song! Ever since it came out I've been hocked to it! I downloaded a trial version of Sony Vegas 10 which I'm super excited about because I love that editing software but it's like $ I can really only get the trial versions every time haha! One day I'm going to get a MacBook so I'll have that software which is way better then windows movie maker! I can't wait! After I save up for my camera I'm going to buy that! But first I need a job...idk where I want to work but I need a job like now...I want so many things but I have no money for them! haha! I'm going job hunting soon! haha! Well I'm going to read some and go off to bed now! Can you believe that New Years is in 2 days!! :O I can't even believe it!!



  1. You have a really great blog :) I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work


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  2. Hi Elisabeth!! i also think like you, i need to go hunting a job soon, because there are so many things i want to buy....that i need more money!! :)well, i wish you the best for this new year :)
    kisses and luck in finding some job :)


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