Sunday, December 26, 2010

1 more till 60!!

Hello Loves!!
1 more follower till I hit 60!!!! I'm so excited!! Who will be the lucky 60th follower?! ;D

Today wasn't a very good day for me :( I didn't sleep till 2 o'clock in the morning and I have a cold...ugh...I hate being sick in the winter :/ But I'm resting and feeling alot more better now! Sorry I haven't posted an outfit post in a while..I've been in my PJ's all week to be completely honest! haha!

It's been snowing all day today! It's now snowing even more then this morning! Blizzard warnings are in tacked and I don't know if the power is going to go off! Which it can any minute so I have to make this blog post quick so I have time!

I Hope everyones day went well!
I gotta go!
PS I'm writing a book! I've tried so many times to write a book and keep it going but I have a really good idea and I'm going to go with it! I love to write (and talk haha) so I'm going to be reading and writing alot now! Ooh and it's about fashion! Something I love you know so it keeps me going! haha! :D


Thank you for commenting!

Elizabeth Hope