Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gym, Prom, London?

Hello loves!

So tomorrow is my Junior prom! I can't believe it! :D I'm happy but also very tired :/ I've had such a busy month! I like to just settle down and rest you know! I'm not going to prom with one asked me...but my class isn't a very datey's really always been cliques. Which I hate...we are all the same! We shouldn't be afraid to talk to someone just because they play soccer or baseball or tennis or cheering, track, basketball, football, volleyball, drama! We should all just talk to each other! It's so annoying that people don't talk to each other because if they did the school would be a better place. I love talking to people so as many people from different backgrounds that I can talk to the better!

I decided that if I can't put up a picture of my outfit because it's not worthy of a post I will make a Polyvore set! Today's set was inspired by London, England, United Kingdom! I want to visit the UK so bad!
The Blonde Salad went to London for some Dior thing in which she got so many Dior things (Lucky!!) and it got me thinking of London! So I went on Polyvore, found this jacket in it and wahla! A set! :D haha! Like it?! hate it?! tell me what you think in the comments below!

London Inspired!

I tried to make the set different and leave a layer of white around it so it looked like I cut it out of a magazine! What do you think?! I think it kind of looks cool!
I went to the gym today also to do a muscle workout was an hour or torture! I'm going to be so sore tomorrow!! Perfect for prom right...ha ha :( But on the bright side it's going to get me in shape! I love that!!
ok! Well that's it for now! Right when I get some I'll have to make a blog post because I wont make it home in time! I'll be home around 11 and well I would love to sleep in! haha!



  1. My school is like that too..hopefully things will change in the future to make this world a better place. I hope you have fun at your prom and those items are so cute! xx

  2. oh i love that bag on the picture ! ♥ and i like your blog a lot :)


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