Saturday, February 19, 2011

100th post!!!!

Hello Loves!!!!
First off this is my 100th post!!! woohoo!!! :D yeyeye! haha!

Boy have I missed you! SO here's the story!
Two days ago i got some weird message on my laptop saying I had like 7 viruses on it! Not cool right! I told my mom and she said not to use my laptop so I couldn't post for the past two days :( So she thought about it and ended up getting me a MacBook Pro! I'm so excited!!! I am legit in love with this laptop!!! But I do have to figure this out haha! Like uploading videos and pictures and stuff haha! I will get it! Have no doubt haha! Well I have a video I have to upload but I'm going to do it tomorrow bc it will take to long.
I went shopping today with some friends so I'll post a haul video tomorrow or the next day idk haha! But I will soon! :D
Well I have to go to sleep now! WTYL!!!

Oh NO! Now I don't have to cute name tag thing :( I'll make another later haha!
Elizabeth Hope

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