Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never Say Never!!

Hello Loves!

So if you are a Justin Bieber fan you prob know whats coming! I went to go see Never Say Never today! It's Justin Bieber's documentary movie. What an inspiring movie! Really! It made me want to go and reach for my dreams of becoming an actress which I'm going to do! I'm practicing more monologues to film for youtube and just practicing acting I guess! I'm going to talk to my agent about this cause I really want to become an actress on Disney channel or Nickelodeon or anything really! haha!
I totally resprect Justin Bieber! I think he's an amazing person! and he's looks like he would be so nice! Selena Gomez is so lucky to be dating him! Im so jealous! haha! Even though I'm taller then JB...oh well haha! Height shouldn't play into the fact that I love him and his songs haha! After I went to that I went to my Uncle's house for his birthday but after the movies I was so tired! I really just want to go to bed :/ on the bright side I finished knitting my first scarf! yey! :D I'm knitting scarfs for a women's shelter in my state :) But it might take a while :/ I'll do it though! :D I know I will! Updates on that lay-ta!
Well the nail tutorial that I filmed yesterday should be up tomorrow just in time for Valentines day!!! :D ♥
Going to bed! I need to put together a good outfit to show for tomorrow! I've been in jeans and sweatshirts all week because it's been so cold... :( Goodnight Loves!!


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