Monday, February 21, 2011

Haul Time!!

Hello Loves!

So I filmed a haul yesterday so here it is! I also filmed a tutorial, a spring fashion trend video and I'm planing on filming much more! Im so excited about this MacBook pro! I love it!!! :D haha! That's really want's been happening lately...nothing much haha! I didn't get into this collab I auditioned for but that's ok..I'm not going to let me down! I have my own collab! That I still havn't chosen people for but it's ending friday! So if you want to enter It's called BeautyCommittee check it out!! :D

Well I'm off to bed! Hope you enjoy my video!!!

Elizabeth Hope


  1. I love all the stores you went to and your nails look really pretty

  2. I LOVE those Hello Kitty nail polishes! & Forever 21 is veeery awesome.


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Elizabeth Hope