Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine Day!!

Hello Loves!! Happy Valentines Day or Single Awareness Day as some put it haha!

I do not have a Valentines this year :/ but I'm not upset! I love the single life for right now haha! Well I decided that I want to get healthy and bathing suit ready for summer! But that's easier said then done...I've never really been on a health kick before haha! I meant to work out today but I was so tired haha! That's so bad! But I'm pretty sure I'm going to the gym Thursday to start back up the muscle toning class!
Well I just finished watching Gossip Girl and it was great as usual! and Pretty Little Liars was amazing! We are getting so close to knowing who A is but so far away!!! :D Well I have to go to sleep! I need to update you guys with Pictures soon! haha! Ooh! and I the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!!! I'm soooooo excited!!!!! I love it! Best palette almost ever! haha!


  1. its awfull i never get bathingsuit ready for the summer haha.; i just cant mannage it.. it's frustrating:p
    Plus i like the video!
    hope you had a great valentines night:)

    have a fabulous day!

  2. I really like the video. I've tried water marbling so many times but it never turns out the way it should :P but I will try this at home :)


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