Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chill Out!

Hello Loves!

OMG...I didn't blog yesterday...I'm so upset! But I decided that it's ok if I don't blog for one day out of each month because sometimes I do forget haha! It was only because I was hanging out with my friends. We went out to eat then went shopping :) Well for everyone in the USA Happy Superbowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for?! I'm not a fan of either of the teams but what it's fun to watch. I like football haha! New York fashion week is this week i think? I'm so upset again! haha! I want to go sosososososososososososo bad! It's a dream! But I'm going to be watching all the highlights on haha! I better see some of my fellow bloggers being interviewed! :D Well here is a tutorial I filmed yesterday! Enjoy! and tomorrow I'll have an outfit of the day promise! :D





Sorry about my eyebrows...they are wild! I need to get an eyebrow wax so bad! but the girl who does them isn't in till tueday :(

Love this shirt!!! It's from Victoria's Secret! I got it like 3 years ago though haha!



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Elizabeth Hope