Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shopping time is a must right now!

Hello Loves!!

Ok...so...I guess my laptop has a virus somewhere somehow but my laptop seems fine...idk..i'm kind of scared about that haha! Well today was very tiring for me...I almost feel asleep in school haha! I was very tired...but good thing next week is vaca! :D So excited! Nice relaxing week! I'm making out my wish list too! So excited to save up for things I really want! :) I really want a pair of black suede wedges I know that! I also want alot of dresses for the spring/summer! I saw alot I liked at Forever 21! I have to get shopping soon!! Ok, well I'm going to go knit now haha! Write you loves later!


  1. Thank you for your comment, and the follow! I returned the favor :)
    I love your writing, and your nails a few posts down!

    xxo, Tzipi :)


  2. yea~ I need a pair of black suede as well :D :D

  3. J'aime ton article!:)

    Angela Donava


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