Friday, February 4, 2011


Hello Loves!

So once again I forgot about the Friday Fashion Feature! Ugh...My mind hasn't been in the best state of mind...:/ I got one of my classes switched for the new semester and I hate's gym class..I just need to take a half year of it and I wont have to take it next year thank gawd! haha! On top of that I've been very busy! IDK if I told you guys but I book my drivers test for my license! But it's prob going to be snowed out meaning I wont have it because of the snow... :( I'm so upset! I really want to take it! I want my license!!! haha! Well I'm getting very tired! Gym tomorrow morning! woop! then I think I'm going to my little cousins basketball game? i don't know yet lol! Well I'm going to sleep! Ooh! and before I go, before I go to sleep I listen to my french tutor cd! I'm learning French right now! I don't know how to spell what I know what to say but I do know how to say it haha!

ok well no outfits of the day today :/ But hopefully tomorrow and sunday! In the meantime you can look at my polyvore sets I have created in the past couple of days :)


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