Sunday, February 13, 2011

Its just a normal sunday...

Hello Loves!

So today was just a normal Sunday for me. Nothing special...I had to type out my physic lab report which I still have to edit :/ but I'm watching the Grammy's haha! I saw Miley and she had a big tattoo of a dream catcher? lol! Miley, crazy old Miley.... but I do love the color of her hair! I want that color! haha! Justin Bieber looked amazing in white! I just love the biebs haha! Bieber Fever I guess you can say ;D and Selena looks awesome as well!
I started knitting a new scarf today! :D it's multi colored haha! I'll take pictures of it soon!
Oh and I decided that I want to be a fashion designer again haha! I'm watching the fashion week live on youtube right now and it's making me want to become one again! :D
Well I'm going to read and watch the Grammy's! Write to you tomorrow loves!!
I'll put up the nail tutorial up tomorrow!

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