Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it snow!

Hello Lovies!
Today I had a snow day so no school! and I have no school tomorrow as well! I'm so excited! We don't usually have snow days because we have to make them up in June when we get out but I really don't mind right now because I'm so tired. So today I took some pictures of my outfit because I actually had the time to do that! ahah! They will be up tomorrow! Here's a sneak peek!

I love editing my photos! I should get photoshop! it will be on my wish list...I have to many things I want right now haha! Well other then that today was really boring...I didn't really do anything because the snow is basically covering my house! It's up to my knees almost my hip! and I'm 5'9'' so imagine that! haha!

Well I'm going to go back to writing my book! I wanted to take a quick break to make sure I blogged for the day! :D Talk to you loves tomorrow! ♥


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Elizabeth Hope