Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OOTD + American Idol!

Hello Loves!!

So today we had no school because my school didn't have power? I guess... lol! I didn't do much because I'm so tired...or maybe I'm over tired..?i don't know. I'm not sure about alot of things right now...but I do know I have a new video for you! It's my outfit of the day from a couple of days ago but video form! haha! Hope you enjoy!!!!

Oh! and who watched American Idol?! I thought it was really good!!! I think the new judges are great! maybe even better then the old ones! haha!



  1. i adore your outfit! love your vest and bag especially.

  2. GREATT(L)

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  3. first of all i love the way you speak you sound so cute and girly and i love your facial expressions second i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your forever21 ring it's so gorgeous i hope we had forever 21 here in greece love your bracelets and your watch too!
    great video girl
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  4. your nails are very nice too i have similar nail polish and i love it


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