Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Collab Channel!! + New Facebook!

Hello Lovies!

So Today is 1-11-11 and I announced my new collab channel on youtube! It's the BeautyCommittee ! More info you can watch my video! Also I got a bookface aka Facebook! haha! Click here for the link!
It's a fan page facebook so feel free to like! :D

Other then that today has been boring...I have a headache like all day which I'm not very happy about because who likes headaches right! haha! I have a Snow Day tomorrow so no school! Finally! ahah! I'm happy that I can sleep in!!! Hopefully after I'm done with homework quickly so I can take some pictures of my outfit! haha! I will deff try! Ok! Well I'm off to sleep! Goodnight lovebugs!


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