Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writing away!

Hello Loves!

For the past idk 4 hour I've been sucked into my book! haha! I restarted it! New plot same characters haha! When I know this is the one I will post the first Chapter here so you can see! :D Well I went to the gym today and it was so crowed! I was so upset! All the people who "made there new years resolutions to go to the gym more" come awnnnn...haha! I couldn't go on the treadmill. I was so upset...I went on the bike for 15 mins then just kind of sat till my mom came out of her zumba class haha! Then I locked my eyes in my locker and forget about it so someone who worked there needed to break it open ahah! I was s embarrassed but what eves...everyone does it once in their life right? lol!

You know what I just noticed...I do my best thinking at night for some reason...Like I can just write and write and write all night if I could but I really need to go to sleep haha!

Idk If I told you but I got the Easy Bake Oven (long story haha) and I baked a cake the other day! here the oven...\/

Yaaa...the cake was a fail but it was my first one! haha!

Well I'm off to bed! Talk to you loves tomorrow!


  1. thats so cute, was teh cake good ?

  2. Hey! You asked me if i knew how to expand your layout and I looked into it. Well, blogger layouts are made with xml and not html, so it's a little bit more tricky. I am looking into it for my own themes so maybe there'll be a tutorial at my blog soon. Just come by to check or I'll drop you a comment :)

  3. it was aweful! haha! But it's ok! what else am I supposed to expect with a light bulb oven! haha!


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