Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

Hello Loves!

Today I had a snow day so we had no school! But now mid-terms are pushed back a day :/ ooh well....I filmed alot today! I filmed my Clueless monologue! That should be up soon! I'll post it here when it's ready! It snowed alot today! It's up to my knees! I'm 5'9'' so you could only imagine how much we have now! This is the time of the year where I wished I lived in California or somewhere warm like Florida or something! haha! But it's whateves...hopefully if I get an acting job in cali I will live there! yey! One day! One day it will happen! Well I should really be going to sleep now so I'll write tomorrow! Sorry I've been so busy but I'm still updating! haha!
Ooh! and thank you Alexa for the shout-out for my youtube channel! Thanks to you I'm so close to 600 subs!! <3>

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