Thursday, January 20, 2011

What should I do with my hair!!

Hello Loves!
So today I've been thinking alot about my hair! I really want to change it up! The color, not the length or style...ok well maybe side bangs but thats it haha! So I've been watching American Idol and Jennifer Lopez's hair is amazing! I love the style and color and everything! It's like a Carmel blonde color do you think I could pull that off? Or do you think I should go darker highlight wise? I need opinions!!!

Recent picture of my hair. My highlights have grown out alot! I got them done back in May? I think...

Less recent picture of my hair you can see the highlights better here.

This was very recent when I got my highlights done
1. I love Leona's hair here!

2. Another Leona hair color I like!

3. This is kind of my hair...but more highlights. Like?

4. If you watch American Idol or have seen it on the internet this is Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo! I LOVE her carmel hair! Do you think I could pull this off?

5. Another hairstyle i like! it's a little more blonder but still

Ok! So what hair look do you think you can see me in? I need everyones help!!!! So Comment what number or numbers I should do!!!!



  1. I do like the hair color of the second pic of leona lewis the most. The caramel color is probably beautiful in the first few weeks, but when your hair grows again... i don't know, maybe your have to color your hair every few weeks again and again.

  2. I like the soft waves! I'm a follower, only 1 away!! yay

  3. I think your hair is very similar to Leonas, so I think you should maybe go with just a few blonder pieces in the front like the last picute.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!


  4. hey i found a comment of yours in another blog and i decided to follow you so you can reach 100 followers until this month ends wanna help me do the same by following my blog ? by the way i am your 80th follower yeahh 20 more! i think that j.lo´s hair is nice i think that it will make you look sweeter than you are already! i don´t like the highlights of the other hairstyles i think that this carmel honey hair of J.LO is so much better!
    if you change it up eventually snap some pics for us your followers

  5. i love number two!!!!! leona lewis' color would look great on you!
    thanks for commenting on my blog!

  6. Highlights can really change things up!


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