Saturday, January 22, 2011

Megan Fox inspired makeup tutorail from the Golden Globes!

Hello Lovies!!!

So today YouTube was being nice to me and upload my video! haha! It's a Megan Fox inspired makeup tutorial from the Golden Globes as it says for the title of this blog post...haha! I'm in a really good mood! My mom told me that if I hit 1000 subscribers on youtube by Wednesday she would buy me the Nikon D3100 camera that I've been wanting forever!!! yeye! I really hope I can get so if you have a youtube sub to me! Missuniversalbeauty ! Ok so here is the tutorial! Tell me what you think down below! I had to use my Nikon P90 camera for this so it sounds kind of weird...sorry haha!


  1. love megan fox (L)
    great insiration (L)

    Xo model from holland
    everyday new post,come check me out!


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