Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mid-Terms...day 2

Hello Lovies!

Wow what a day! First 2 mid-terms are over! Finally! They were two of my hardest and I acturelly think I did pretty good on them! I hope! haha! After mid-terms were over me, amanda, amanda(yes 2 amanda's haha) and erin went to a local dinner. I got chicken fingures haha! Then we went to play rehursals! Saturday is the big day! I play a maid haha! I'll try to take some pictures!

Well tomorrow is the last day of me and my mom's bet! She bet me that I couldn't get 1000 subscribers by Wednesday but I'm trying to prove her wrong bc she said if I was right she would get me the Nikon D3100 camera of my dreams! Ah! I really hope I get their! I have to thank Catelin sosososo much! she gave me a shout-out today and I've gotten me around 60 new subscribers! Check out her channel here! She makes amazing videos! Really she does! She's one of the nicest people I've met on YouTube too!

So I uploaded a new video today of me and my friends playing Just Dance 2 for Wii! It's a stop motion that isn't very good but i think it's pretty cool haha!

Ok well History and Advanced Art mid-terms are tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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