Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Hello Loves!
How are you?! I'm doing a little bit better today. I'm doing my homework which I set back to now because there was a robbery where I live(not in my house) I was so afraid! WHY can't the world we live in just be peaceful, wonderful, and not trying trying to steal things and stuff like that! We need to spread the love around the world! I was in lock down with the people in drama who are doing the play today. I was freaking out when I found out about the news! They where all laughing and I was so worried about my family I wanted to make sure they where safe.
Well I haven't put up a fashion post in a real long time! I have been in sweats and T-shirts for the past couple of days so it's really not anything to show haha! Unless you want me to take pictures haha!

Here's a sneak peak of my new make tutorial! I will post it tomorrow I'm pretty sure!

I was also thinking about having a blog giveaway! I'm trying to think of prizes from now and the money to get them haha! Ill have it soon though I promise!

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